Manager's Message

Education for a renewed society
Every human person today longs for acceptance, understanding and patience. These three are the basic constituents with which the service of education is to be imparted, but the society that we live in is full of rejection, misunderstanding and impatience or violence. It is here that the noble service of education comes into play an effective role. For where there is acceptance, the child, who is the image and likeness of God, is accepted. For where there is understanding, the child, who is full of talents, potentialities and virtues, is understood. And where there is patience, the child, who is a gift and expression of God’s love, is respected and loved. May acceptance, understanding and patience eradicate the darkness from the society. And this in fact is the real education that every child has to be imparted for a renewed society.
Fr. Poonolil Abraham CST (Manager)